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What is Spectacle?

Spectacle is a disruptive technologies focused blog, to be expanded into an investment fund within the near future. At Spectacle, we focus on forward thinking entrepreneurs that are driving wide sweeping change through technological innovation. The first 2 years of Spectacle will be predominantly focused on Cryptocurrencies as they have the highest short term gains but our analysis of traditional stocks will be come before 2024. 

Future Technology Investing

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Fundamental analysis on industries, tech, economies and various projects will be written and provided on a weekly and monthly basis



Weekly blogs regarding investments and various ideas will be posted, stay tuned!



Spectacle isn’t just about building our own wealth. It’s about creating an educated community that can help one another and thereby help society. 

Why Future Technologies?

Greatest Returns

One company deploying a disruptive technology has the ability to do what 10 of its competitors can do.

Futuristic Society

Technological change is inevitable, rather than resist the change, be the change.

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Better Society

The technologies we focus on promise a world in which an abundance of wealth, equality and harmony can exist.


Many of the technologies we research strive towards a future where individuals have the power over their lives.

Our Focus


The rise of sovereignty, automation and AI will drive of the growth of our future digital economy.  Financial freedom for millions. 


The space race of the century has just gotten started. From Mars colonization to satellite launches, there’s plenty of opportunities in the space industry. 

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Clean Energy

 The high demand and S-curve technological change will drive this sectors’ growth as our clean future becomes inevitable. 


Gaming is projected to be $100 billion industry by 2025, with the expansion of VR in the near future this industry is set to dominate traditional entertainment. 

Psychedelic Medicine

Although not a technology, the rise of psychedelic medicine will create a revolution in individuality and our understanding of consciousness. 

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Artificial Intelligence

The Singularity where computer intelligence far exceeds human intelligence is rapidly approaching.